Post Arrival Assistance

Our relationship does not end once you fly away. It just starts all over again. Our counselors shall remain available round-the-clock to ensure that you face no difficulty at all during your entire stay. Our counselors, many of whom have studied abroad themselves, will help you choose the best option out of our tried & tested resources with regards to airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, foreign exchange, medical provisions, part-time jobs etc. Our doors are always open for your parents, in case you face any difficulty in your university.

  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Airport pickup services
  • Local transportation and Travel
  • Part-time Job Assistance 
  • Purchase of goods with best deals for students
  • Assessing part time job
  • Advise on life style and culture
  • Practical advice on living
  • Immigration, PR and work permits
  • Do’s and don’ts in a foreign country
  • Community Networks