Our Mission & Vision


Grace International mission is to enable prospective immigrants to take advantage of better economy, a higher standard of living, and excellent educational facilities with clean green environment by providing quality immigration services.

The experience allows an assessment of the likehood of success in Migration matters. Preparation of Resisdence Applications is made on the basis of the thorough knoledge of Government policy. This allows the consultant to maximise the points achievable under General Skilled category policy applications.

Grace International are familiar with all categories and may suggest options or the best possible category for migration based on the personal & professional details provided by an applicant.
Migrants need guidance on their Immigration process before and after Immigration, which are avaliable from Grace International. We ensure that some of the basis guidance is avalaible to this clients upon arrival in the new country. The objective is to provide efficient and cost effective service in all areas relating to migration.

The migration process is a complex one - Grace International are here to make it a smooth process of every application that is processed through our office. An application is taken up, only when Grace International is totally convinced that it will be sucessful in obtaining the visa for their clients.

The other essential aspect of 'what we do' is guide an applicant with preparation of documents to get the application lodged in order to obtain 100% result based on the submission to the respective High Comissions. Migration law keeps changing very ofthen. For a visa officer who sees countless applications that look the same-you work, your life, is a collection of documents. For Grace Internationl considers every clients's application unique and values in carrying out the preparation of an application to make sure the decision of an application comes favourable based on the document preparation for lodgement.


Grace Internationl follows Step-by-Step Procedure towards lodging a successful application. If applicants choose to proceed with an application under the Skilled Migrant Category, Grace International assures to:
  • Ensure that a correct assessment is made and meet the point's level required by the Immigration service policy guidelines.
  • Ensure that the qualification is acceptable to gain points set by the policy guidelines.
  • Ensure that the client meet the English requirement to gain sufficient points and A meet the point's requirement before lodgement.
  • Obtain registration in the occupation (if necessary) to ensure that the applicant meets the immigration policy requirements.
  • Ensure to have all supporting documents in order along with Police Clearance Certificate prior to lodgement.
  • Lodge an application with a full legal submission, detailing how a client meets the regulations and policy of the Migration Act of each country.
  • Offer all levels of support and commitment towards preparation of an application before lodging the application with the Immigration department.
  • Help the clients after they have obtained their visas for their Resettlement Services.

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