Director Profile

Mr. Nirbhay Dhillon
With the strong academic credential and 4 years of work experience, the director is pragmatic entrepreneur who focus in to create remarkable difference in the business industry.  He has earned MBA (Master in Business Administration) and LLB from India. For over a decade he has been spearheading as a founder and director of Grace International Education Consultant, a student visa consultancy firm located in Sri Ganganagar , Rajasthan , India.

He started Grace International Education Consultant with the aim of promoting higher education among students.  He has successfully achieved some certification over the years, which include ENZ (Education Newzealand) Trained Agent and ISANA (International Education Association).

In the addition, the director possesses excellent analytical knowledge and skills in marketing and management which aid him to run multiple businesses with exceptional results. He expertise to meet company‘s short –term needs such as mobilizing resources during peak season of student admissions.

Moreover, his impeccable client management skills and impressive leadership skills paved way in making him stay in the business industry for over a decade.
Finally, his unfailing enthusiasm to further his craft has rewarded him personally and professionally. His energy and motivation make him effectively work both by himself and with a team. His flexibility aid in efficiently working with different people from various countries.
"Hi Students please do not use any Fraud Documents for apply your Study Permit. it may be cause rejection of your application or you can Inadmissible to go Abroad"
(Nirbhay Dhillon)

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