1. Your visa will be in a deactivated state if your college is not on the covid ready list (those who have visas)

2. If you have an AIP for 2021 then you must have deffered and if you did then you have to notify the ircc about the defferal with a new loa via the webform

3. for the classes starting in 2021 you will get a normal visa (NO AIP if you have an aip send them the new LOA via webform)

4. All the applications will be on hold if the said DLI is not yet on the list. only those application who's DLI's are on the list will be prioritised and also advances to 2nd stage.

5. If you have completed 1 full year online you are still eligible for PGWP (for 1 year programs)

6. If your college is on the list you can travel anytime for sept students irrespective of the mode of delivery (3 weeks prior before the class start date for jan students)

7. VFS will open stage wise (Delhi vfs is open for accepting passports)

8. There is no date on vfs yet discussions are going for November opening.

9. No POE is needed if your DLI is on the list. carry your loa, quarantine package list (or ur quarantine plans), passport and visa.

10. when they know when vacs will open then they will prioritise who has to give biometrics first.

11. No ppr's will be issued without biometrics (my ppr is on hold due to no bio)

12. passport requests will be sent to students who's DLI is on the list.

13. Quarantine plan is at the college discretion.

14. you can give biometrics in another country but you cant give biometrics at the port of entry (no bio no visa)
15. DLI list will be updated every 2 weeks (dli can update you before the 2 week time).

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